Landscape & Garden design

An outdoor space that meets all your needs for you to enjoy every day. That is the end result when you entrust VDK·VDW® with the design and realisation of your outdoor space.



Thanks to our knowledge of BIM (Building Information Model), we can be part of the construction team for newbuilds and renovation projects right from the start. We incorporate all elements of the home and outdoor space in one 3D model, so that each party is clear on the design.


Integral design

We make sure the total concept is right. We design the outdoor space in line with the architecture, the environment and your personal wishes, allowing you to enjoy it all year round.


Practical experience

We worked outside for many years, creating gardens. We use this experience and our extensive knowledge of materials, techniques, outdoor furniture and plants to support your project from A to Z with one designated point of contact.



After creating your design, we remain your point of contact during the realisation and maintenance of your garden. We ensure that the entire garden is maintained in such a way that the desired end result is achieved and kept pristine. 

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Total experience

There is a reason we call ourselves a ‘design studio’. We are thinkers, dreamers. We have a passion for design and for combining elements, materials and plants. The starting point for every project is to create a total experience.


Luxury Outbuildings, swimming pools, a pool house, canopies, wellness, you name it. We can achieve the most remarkable projects by taking your wishes as our foundation and adding our mutual vision.


Your designers.

Designers Allard van der Klooster and Dico van der Weijde share the same passion: creating unique, inspiring and luxury outdoor spaces. They are forward-looking in the broadest sense of the word and grab any opportunity for enhanced presentation and realisation of your design.


Allard van der Klooster.

“Our authentic designs are like a refined cocktail of elegant modernism and optimised quality. Luxury with added sustainability.”


Dico van der Weijde.

“A unique outdoor space is the result of a successful collaboration: you and VDK·VDW® plus the right combination of creativity, technical know-how and attention to detail.”

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